Fotos from South Africa (17 May 2004)

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Graaff-Reinet, The Valley Of Desolation I.JPG

Graaf-Reinet, The Valley Of Desolation II.JPG

Grahamstown, a night amongst campers.JPG

Jo'burg The first Koelsch for a long time.JPG

Kimberley, Mining for diamonds.jpg

Kimberley, The Big Hole.jpg

Nieu Bethesda Owl House Garden.JPG

Nieu Bethesda The Owl House Bedroom.JPG

Nieu Bethesdau Owl House.JPG

Our New Radio.JPG

Soweto nightlife.jpg

Soweto, A good Shabeen night out.jpg

We can't go more South than this!.JPG

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